Insurance Policy For The Office Of Drs. Bonahoom & Ghafourpour

Our office accepts most major insurance plans, but we are contracted only with Delta Dental Premiere. For all other companies the insurance contract is between the carrier, the employer and the patient. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that their insurance will provide benefits for services provided by our office, as some Dental Maintenance Plans require that patients see only network dentists. Dental insurance can reduce your out-of-pocket costs for dental care, but no dental benefit plan is set up to cover all of your costs. The amount your plan pays is agreed upon by your employer and your insurer. Our office is not a part of that agreement. It is important that you understand what your insurance will cover and what your co-payments may be. Dental insurance is not based upon what you need or what the doctor recommends; it is based on how much your employer pays into the plan. If you have any questions about your coverage we will do our best to assist you, however we highly recommend you discuss it with your insurance company or employee benefits office directly.